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Marvel Super War is an upcoming mobile MOBA by Netease that features your favourite superheroes

Marvel Super War Android

Marvel Super War is an upcoming MOBA by Netease, that brings together the Avengers and all of your other favourites for one more massive brawl.

You’ll pick your favourite Marvel hero and then head out into battle against a wide variety of others. Ever wondered who’d win in a fight between Thor and Spiderman? Now’s your chance.

Marvel Super War is out right now in closed beta in certan countries

The big new feature with this one is its focus on fair play. You can earn everything in the game through hard work and skill, rather than just flaunting the cash.

Each hero also has a wider variety of powers than you might be used to, which leads to some epic combos for those who take the time to master it.

Marvel Super War is actually out right now in beta on Google Play in a number of different countries, including: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, and India.

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