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Dragon Quest walk is an upcoming Pokémon GO-style mobile game

Dragon Quest Walk Android

Square Enix has just announced that brand new Dragon Quest mobile game they were teasing and it’s the Pokémon GO-like Dragon Quest Walk.

You’ll wander around the real world, with a colourful Dragon Quest version of Google Maps displayed on your phone. It looks absolutely gorgeous and a huge step up from Pokémon GO’s map. In fact, it looks like an overworld map from a classic Dragon Quest game.

Dragon Quest Walk is like a classic JRPG that plays on a virtual map of the real world

As you wander, you’ll encounter classic enemies from the franchise, which you can battle in classic turn-based battles. Your moveset appears to include attack, magic, item, and defend buttons.

During the full reveal, we also saw plenty of spots to collect items, quests to complete, a house building feature, and much more. It’s difficult to tell exactly what we’re seeing considering the reveal is in Japanese.

You can check out the full reveal for yourself for a taste of the game in action – we’ve included it above. Alternatively, you can check out the live action teaser instead to get an idea of how it plays.

Dragon Quest Walk will launch on Android in Japan later this year, and we’re seriously hoping it gets a western release too.

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