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Total Party Kill is Jussi Simpanen’s latest adventure, launching July 3 on Android

Jussi Simpanen, prolific mobile developer of Super Dangerous Dungeons, Duke Dashington, and a bunch more excellent classics, is gearing up to release his latest game, Total Party Kill.

Total Party Kill turns friendly fire into a game mechanic. You control three classic hero characters: a mage, archer, and warrior, and have to use the individual abilities of each to solve puzzles.

Total Party Kill turns friendly fire into a game mechanic

It’s a lot like Trine in that sense, except your party members are a lot meaner to each other.

In the short teaser we’ve seen so far, the warrior whacked the ranger onto a button to unlock a path forward, the archer pinned the mage to a wall with an arrow to provide a stepping stone, and the mage froze everyone to create a block.

It looks like an awful lot of fun and we can’t wait to check it out. Total Party Kill launches July 3 on Google Play.

While we wait for it to make an appearance, you can check out the official site right now. It includes a lot more info and screenshots.

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