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Talking Tom Hero Dash Review – Less talk, way more action

Talking Tom Hero Dash Android

Talking Tom Hero Dash isn’t the sequel you were expecting from one of mobile’s favourite talking animals, but we certainly have no complaints.

While it doesn’t offer anything we haven’t seen before (it’s basically a reskin of Subway Surfers), it’s a very polished endless runner that we’ve struggled to put down since our first go.

The gameplay sticks very closely to its inspiration, Subway Surfers. You’ll run through a colourful city, swiping left and right to change lanes as you avoid obstacles, collect coins and power-ups, and punch raccoons.

Talking Tom Hero Dash sticks very closely to its inspiration, Subway Surfers

Okay, that last one isn’t present in Subway Surfers, and it’s not really an interesting feature of the game. You pretty much just run into a raccoon and automatically beat it up. We were hoping there would be some challenge, like a QTE or some level of timing but, sadly, we were left disappointed.

Ultimately, raccoons are just a collectible. Punch 50 of them and you get a free crate, which you can open to get your hands on new costume pieces. Much like in most mobile games these days, crates take time to open and you can pay to open them faster.

After collecting the appropriate number of pieces, you can unlock new costumes. These give you a boost in score while you wear them. You can also unlock new characters but we haven’t managed to do that just yet, so can’t comment on how, or if, it affects gameplay.

Coins you collect while dashing are spent on cleaning up the city. While not running around, you can check which districts need your help the most and pay to get Talking Tom to fly over there, beat up the raccoons causing the mess, and clean it up.

Coins you collect while dashing are spent on cleaning up the city

All this does is add to your score multiplier, so it’s really just a nice visual way to upgrade your character. We kind of appreciated it, because it’s a nice way to see progress.

Overall, we enjoyed Talking Tom Hero Dash. It’s just a reskin of Subway Surfers, so if you’ve spent a bunch of time playing that then there’s nothing really for you here.

But if you’re looking for a new endless runner and like Talking Tom, you really can’t go wrong. It plays well, looks gorgeous, and has a bunch of stuff to collect.

A solid Subway Surfers-style runner

Talking Tom Hero Dash is basically just a Subway Surfers clone, but a very competent one. We can't really recommend it to those who already play its inspiration but for everyone else – and particularly Talking Tom fans – it's well worth checking out.


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