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Dystopian shooter Disorder gets a new trailer: meet the Cadaver Unit

NetEase have just released a teaser trailer for Disorder, its shadowy forthcoming squad based shooter. That trailer dealt with the Cadaver Unit faction, and introduced us to a vital faction member called Fire-bringer.

In case you need a refresher, Disorder is set in the aftermath of a global apocalypse. Armed factions now roam the earth, engaged in an ongoing high stakes skirmish over the world’s nuclear weapons and cash.

In the previous trailer we met the Pale Knights. This faction considers itself to be a beacon of morality, a defender of justice in the ravaged gameworld. Their fight is all about maintaining a semblance of order.

We also met Ghost Puppet, an unscrupulous freelancer who flits between the Pale Knights and other factions, sewing chaos.

You may recall that the name “Cadaver Unit” got a mention in the previous trailer. Well, there’s a new trailer that goes into a bit more detail about this fearsome group.

Check out the trailer, then read on.

So what do we learn? For one thing, we get an idea why the Pale Knights consider the Cadaver Unit to be “disgraceful traitors”. Staff poaching. Fire-Bringer, who is currently high up in the Cadaver Unit, used to be a member of the Pale Knights before his defection – or “rebirth”.

The prisoner

We also learn that Fire-Bringer is in prison, incarcerated at the Garden of Earthly Delights. He’s sharing his jail island with another inmate, though, and that inmate has evidently undergone a shocking physical transformation.

This person is his enemy, and so is the entire Pale Knights faction, and the mutants seem to have it in for him too.

The latest teaser also introduces us to the Cadaver Unit’s head of surgery, known only at this point as Plaguedoctor. And there’s another figure in the mix, too, but we’ll have to wait to find out who that is – but you may well be able to guess their identity via their suit and eyepatch.

Of all the characters we’ve met so far, Plaguedoctor seems to be the darkest because of her intriguing ability to ‘resurrect’ the dead.

And under the command of these two powerful women, how will the Cadaver Unit figure into the game’s unfolding conflict?

We’ll learn more over the coming weeks as trailers continue to appear on the Disorder website. Go there now to pre-register for the game and receive the latest updates. Disorder will launch a closed beta test on the 27th June, in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

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