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Teppen Review: Capcom’s Heroes Reinvigorate a Tired Genre


Teppen came out of nowhere this week and has somewhat revived a genre that was in real danger of getting tired on mobile: the card battler.

It’s reminiscent of everything we’ve seen before, combining the energy system of Clash Royale with the deck building of Hearthstone.

But a couple of key changes to mechanics we’ve played into the ground has just slightly reignited our interests.

Here’s how it works: there are three lanes that you and an opponent can place a single card into. Once a card is placed it will charge up an attack and hit either the enemy’s hero or the opposing card.

Teppen Changes up the Tired Formula With Just a Few New Mechanics

Hit a card and that card will counter. This routinely plays out until one card destroys the other, at which point the opposing player will have to play another card in that slot or risk receiving damage to their hero.

You can also play ability cards, which act like spells in other games. These can outright destroy enemy cards, buff the stats of one of your cards, and perform a variety of other effects.

Playing a hero or ability card grants you AP, a separate energy resource that allows you to charge up your hero’s unique skill.

These are very powerful skills that you’ll basically build your entire deck around. Selecting a hero is much more than a simple cosmetic choice in Teppen.

There’s Potential For Pay to Win Thanks to Premium Card Packs

There are single player storylines to complete, each of which unlocks a new hero, and multiplayer. As you play you’ll unlock new card packs to grow your deck.

It’s likely that pay to win will play a part of the experience though, as you can buy card packs with real cash. There’s no real way of escaping pay to win with a model like that.

But we’re pretty taken with Teppen. It’s a promising start for this surprisingly refreshing card battler. Go check it out right now on Google Play.

Surprisingly Fresh

Teppen breathes new life into the tired collectible card battler thanks to a few new mechanics.


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