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Gravity Rider Zero is a Sequel to Gravity Rider, Out Now on Android

Gravity Rider is back in brand new sequel Gravity Rider Zero, which completely streamlines the experience.

There are no upgrades, difficulty spikes, or races against unfairly powerful opponents. Instead, you’ll simply pick your favourite vehicle and tackle the various challenges right away.

Gravity Rider Zero Removes All of the Grind in Favour of Fun

As you progress, you’ll unlock a wide variety of futuristic and old school racing bikes. There are a wide variety of challenges to complete that allow you to unlock new bikes.

Vivid Games is keen to stress that there is no grinding involved in the sequel though, with none of the usual time-gating you see in similar experiences.

So if you fancy just playing a fun racing game without all of the faff, go ahead and grab Gravity Rider Zero right now on Google Play.

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