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Rush Wars is Supercell’s Latest Mobile Game, Soft Launched Now in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

Supercell just dropped an absolute bombshell, both announcing and soft-launching its latest game, Rush Wars, mere hours ago.

Rush Wars is a multiplayer strategy game that challenges you to build your own squad of zany characters and send them out to destroy your opponent’s bases.

Rush Wars Looks Like a Combination of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale

The short teaser trailer we’ve seen so far doesn’t show off gameplay, sadly, but it does introduce us to a number of different characters.

Judging from the screenshots though, Rush Wars seems to combine the base-building of Clash of Clans with the strategic combat of Clash Royale.

You can check it out for yourself though if you live in Canada, Australia, or New Zealand by grabbing it right now on Google Play.

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