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Very Little Nightmares is Coming to Android Soon, and You Can Pre-register Right Now

Very Little Nightmares has appeared on Google Play, signalling that an Android launch might well be imminent. You can also pre-register right now to grab it as soon as it’s available.

Very Little Nightmares Challenges You to Escape a Hostile Mansion

Very Little Nightmares is a mobile-exclusive prequel to horror game Little Nightmares. You play as The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat, who has to try and find her way out of a very hostile mansion called The Nest.

You’ll solve a bunch of puzzles, avoid terrifying monsters that try to capture you, and learn more about the Little Nightmares universe.

If you dare, you can grab Very Little Nightmares from Google Play right now. It’s a terrifying experience, so you’ve been warned.

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