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A Quick Look at Volutz USB Cables

A while ago we were sent some USB cables from Volutz – both the USB C and standard USB variants. Both are almost exactly what you’d expect and do their job well.

Unlike many manufacturers Volutz offer their cables in sets of five, in sizes that include 3m, 2m, 1m, and 0.3m. The 3m cable is useful when you need a bit extra length and aren’t just using one to charge something at your bedside.

During our time with the cables – which come in funky and eye-catching colours – they worked well and we had no complaints about their durability.

Despite their lower price they don’t feel cheap either, with the cables having a pleasingly tactile and well made casing. They’ve shown barely any wear or tear during our time with them.

Volutz says it has created these cables after a request from a large space agency – due to the fact it could deliver a low voltage drop that no other manufacturer could.

Although we’re not sure that entirely means a lot to the average consumer, what does is that these are certainly cables that can be trusted – they won’t let you down and collapse after just a few months like many others. You can find the Volutz Amazon store right here. There’s the official Volutz site here too.

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