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Acclaimed “Roguevania” Platformer Dead Cells is Out Now on Android

Dead Cells Android

Dead Cells, the acclaimed platformer that’s described by its developer as a “roguevania”, is out now on Google Play following a pre-registration period. 

As you‘ve probably guessed, the gameplay contains elements of roguelike, in that you can only die once in a procedurally generated world, and metroidvania, in that the sprawling environment gradually opens up as you acquire new equipment and abilities.

Storywise, you’re playing as a mass of cells that must occupy a corpse and steer it around in an attempt to escape a series of dungeons on a sprawling island. As you explore you’ll encounter enemies and kill them with various weapons, power-ups, and so on.

Those of you who pre-registered will be able to pick Dead Cells up at a 10% discount. For everybody else, it’s a full price premium release – and well worth it.

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