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Words for a bird is Bart Bonte’s Latest Mobile Puzzler

Bart Bonte, the developer behind the excellent Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, and Green puzzle games on mobile, has just released a new title called Words for a bird.

Ported to mobile during lockdown, Words for a bird is a word game in which you have to deduce the next word in a sentence. Each letter is a leaf on a tree, but there are some junk letters thrown in, so it’s not simply a case of solving anagrams. 

Thankfully, some letters are displayed in a box in the middle of the screen to point you in the right direction. 

While Words for a bird isn’t technically a new title, having been available as a browser game for some time, this mobile version contains a new story, music, and puzzles.

You can download it for free right now, with a $1.99 IAP to remove the ads.

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