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Hardware Review: Tonor TC-777 microphone

Quality microphones were often hard to find for anything under the $100 mark, but we recently tested out the Tonor TC-777 and were shocked at how robust and well made it is for the price.

Boasting a list price of $40, this microphone takes you by surprise at how fully featured it comes out of the box. It’s packaged with a tripod – which is not surprising – but also a shock mount as well as a pop filter. 

It all feels well built, with the only minor drawback the slightly short lead that it comes with – but we didn’t encounter major issues with this during our time with the TC-777.

When it comes to the actual sound quality the microphone can record it’s tough to complain too, as we completed solid and reliable recordings time after time.

There was some unwanted feedback when recording at louder volumes, but wasn’t as noticeable on microphones in even higher price brackets that we’ve tested. 

What will really sell the TC-777 to gamers in particular is how compatible it is with a range of devices. These include Apple, Linux, and Windows systems – as well as the PS4. We found it simple to set it up on the latter, as it’s almost a case of just plugging it in and you’re ready to go. 

Overall the TONOR TC-777 exceeded our expectations considering its price tag. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for an entry level mic, or just want a reliable back up option. You can find it on Amazon right here, and the official TONOR site here.

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