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Monopoly, Clue, and More Discounted in the Marmalade Game Studio Sale

Marmalade Game Studio has discounted several of its officially licensed board game titles on mobile. 

They include Monopoly ($3.99 down to $2.49), The Game of Life ($2.99 down to $1.49), Clue ($3.99 down to 99c), Battleship ($4.99 down to $2.99), and The Game of Life Vacations ($1.99 down to 99c). 

All five of those titles are well-reviewed, with user ratings of around four each on average.

You could argue that the sale is arrive a little bit too late for entertainment-starved lockdown families would have benefited much sooner from a bit of classic board gaming fun, but it’s worth check out all the same. 

Meanwhile The Game of Life 2 is currently available for pre-registration. 

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