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The Goat Simulator Games Are Less Than Half Price on Android

Coffee Stain Publishing has slashed the prices of the Goat Simulator games on Google Play by more than 50%. 

The original Goat Simulator, where you charge around a town accumulating points by being a jerk, is $1.99, down from $4.99. And all of the others are discounted by the same amount. 

Those others are Goat Simulator GoatZ, which sees you butting heads with zombies; Goat Simulator Payday, which sees you undertaking unlikely goat-led heists; Goat Simulator Waste of Space, in which you “build a space colony by headbutting people and taking their money”, and Goat Simulator MMO, which sees you completing quests, levelling up, and assaulting elves. 

It’s a solid selection of surreal open-world carnage opportunities, and you can pick up each game for $1.99 for the next five days. 

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