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‘Rhythm Violence’ Game Thumper: Pocket Edition is Less Than Half Price on Android

Thumper Android

Thumper: Pocket Edition, the mobile-optimised port of hit arcade game Thumper, is less than half price right now on the Google Play Store. 

Developed by Drool, Thumper: Pocket Edition is a slick, neon-soaked rhythm action game in which you hurtle forwards into the screen, controlling a shiny sci-fi beetle. The gameplay involves hitting notes in time to the music and swiping to dodge various different hazards. 

A popular game in VR as well as on a standard screen, Thumper has echoes of Rez and Wipeout, though it’s faster and more unnerving than both. The mobile port, meanwhile, earned widespread acclaim for successfully reproducing the original’s breakneck gameplay and unsettling atmosphere on the small screen.

You can pick up Thumper: Pocket Edition right now for just $1.99. It normally costs $4.99.

Grab it right now on the Google Play Store. 

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