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Super Glitch Dash is the Latest Rogue Games Title to Launch on Google Play Pass

A couple of months publisher Rogue Games announced a slate of titles heading to Google Play Pass (and the Google Play Store generally). 

Super Glitch Dash is the latest of those titles to arrival. The sequel to Glitch Dash, it sees you barrelling headlong through a succession of dangerous sci-fi environments trying not to get crushed, mashed, smashed, stabbed, pummelled, minced, pierced, electrocuted, or otherwise deprived of life. 

If Super Glitch Dash is anything like its 2018 predecessor, you can expect a polished, challenging twitch game with excellent presentation and well-designed stages. It comes from the desk of indie developer David Marquardt, whose other titles include Hexaflip and Pull My Tongue. 

You can download Super Glitch Dash on Google Play for free right now, though it costs $4.99 to unlock the full version. 

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