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Trust Nika Touch Bluetooth Earphone Review – A Safe Option for the Shopper on a Budget

In the world of headphones, Apple’s striking Bluetooth AirPods have been as seminal as the iPhone was in the world of phones. 

Nowadays, there are dozens of products using the same distinctive ergonomic shape, long-stemmed form factor, and handy charging case for storage and extra juice. 

They come in a range of prices and quality levels, too, and the Trust Nika Touch is firmly at the lower end of the scale. You can pick up a pair for under £20, which is dirt cheap for this kind of device.


For your money you’re getting a fairly unassuming pair of earphones with a sleek, shiny design. The earphones and the charging case they come both have a slightly cheap feel, as you’d expect from a product at this price, but they seem perfectly robust. 

In terms of fit, everybody’s anatomy is different but we found that they sat quite securely in our ears, only requiring the odd adjustment during the unnatural rigors of a run. 

Little red and blue lights tell you whether or not your earphones are charged, and charging them requires a USB micro cable. Getting them into the case is awkward at first, since the stems have to slot into sockets in order to make contact with their charging points, but you’ll work it out. 

The earphones come in a variety of colours, too, including pink, teal, and blue, alongside the more standard black and white.


The Trust Nika Touch boasts a 10 metre Bluetooth range, which – assuming there are no brick walls in the way – seems about right to us. 

You can control music and calls using a variety of different touch gestures. A single tap on either stem pauses a song. A double-tap skips to the next track, and a treble-tap restarts the track or returns to the previous one. 

A long press opens up Google Assistant, letting you control your phone with your voice via a built-in microphone, and a longer press turns your earphones off. 

This all works reliably, though the Trust Nika Touch can sometimes feel eccentric. For instance, if you accidentally switch them off while trying to activate Google Assistant, which is easily done, you have to turn them back on one at a time. But that’s no biggy. 

The general budget nature of these earphones shows in the odd, strangulated bleeps and bloops that tell you when the Trust Nike Touch is switching on, connecting, and so on. Again, no biggy – you really can’t expect everything for £20. 


In terms of sound quality, the Trust Nika Touch certainly punches its weight. Bass is the strongest flavor, and it’s not overly muddy. Mids are unremarkable, while a bit of tinniness starts to creep into the treble.

Music and calls sound absolutely fine, though, and things only start to break down a little during busy, noisy songs.

There’s a barely audible crunchy hiss of interference, which makes itself known during silences within or between tracks, but, again, it’s absolutely what you’d expect at this price point. 

So, overall, the Trust Nika Touch is exactly what you’re looking for in a £20 pair of Bluetooth earphones: serviceable, functional, and with decent sound. While we can say with some confidence that you won’t be blown away by these earphones, you won’t be disappointed either, making them a safe and practical option.

A solid option

The Trust Nika Touch won't blow your socks off, but at £20 it's not supposed to. What you need to know is that the sound is fine and the touch controls work.


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