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Kabam is Letting Players Vote for the Next Champion in Marvel Contest of Champions

For the first time ever, in a move that may or may not be designed to coincide with events in the US, Kabam is putting the choice of the next champion in Marvel Contest of Champions to a vote.

The Summoner’s Choice Champion Vote starts on November the 9th, and sees the Marvel Contest of Champions community choosing a candidate and campaigning for them.

Those candidates include Okoye, a warrior of Wakanfa; Hercules, son of Zeus; Morbius, a biochemist and vampire; Dazzler, a walking, talking lightshow; Blue Marvel, the magnificent master of light; Omega Sentinel, a nanorobot-enhanced superhuman; Ironheart, a teenaged overachiever; and Morgan le Fay, a half-faerie pupil of Merlin.

The first round of voting begins on November the 9th and lasts through until the 13th. You’re encouraged to campaign for your favored champion on social media using the hashtag #MCOCSummonersChoice.

Voting will take place in three rounds -The Hopefuls, November 9th-13th; The Fabulous 4, November 16th-20th; and Only 2 Remain, November 23rd-27th.

The pack will be whittled down over the course of these rounds, with the final winner to be announced on December the 10th.

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