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Retro Boxing Sequel Prizefighters 2 is Available on Android in Early Access

Prizefighters 2, the sequel to Koality Games’s highly acclaimed retro boxing game Prizefighters, is available in early access right now on the Google Play Store.

Like its predecessor, Prizefighters 2 sees you trying to punch a pixellated boxer in the face so hard that they lose consciousness, while trying to avoid your own fist-based oblivion.

At a glance Prizefighters 2 looks a lot like Punch-Out!!, the classic NES-era boxing game. But it’s a far more sophisticated beast, with full movement around the ring and various factors like positioning and momentum affecting the strength of your punches.

This sequel boasts a more comprehensive control scheme, with ten separate on-screen buttons for movement, attacking, and blocking. It also features a career mode in which you can take a boxer from cowering rookie to strutting champ. There are 20 fighters to choose from.

Prizefighter 2 is free to download, but there’s a premium version with more features, including full customization options, importable custom leagues, multiple save slots, and no ads.

You can download Prizefighter 2 (Early Access) for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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