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Samarost 2 Makes a Surprise Appearance on the Google Play Store

Amanita Design has released Samarost 2 on Android, years after it released Samarost 3.

The move coincides with a total revamp of the game on PC, with new high resolution assets, a modern save system, a zoom function, and more. All of these improvements apply to the Android version too.

Best known for Machinarium and Chuchel, Amanita Design specializes in quirky, surreal adventure games. The Samarost series, its first project, is no exception.

Samarost 2 sees you playing as a space gnome trying to retrieve his dog from mischievous aliens. This entails exploring a distinctive, offbeat gameworld and trying to grasp the rules that govern it.

There’s no dialogue or text of any kind, which underlines how cleverly designed and intuitive the game’s puzzles are. Like most of Amanita Design’s games, Samarost 2 is a bizarre joy to play.

You can download it on the Google Play Store right now for $2.99.

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