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A3: Still Alive is out now on the Google Play Store

We’ve been talking about Netmarble’s A3: Still Alive for a while now, but the time has finally come to actually play it. Because it’s out. On the Google Play Store. Worldwide. Right now. So that’s pretty cool.

The game is a massive action RPG MMO with gorgeous graphics, an engrossing story and a few tricks up its sleeve. For one thing there’s a battle royale mode that lets you mash up other players, or team up for massive 50 on 50 scraps.

To start things off you’ll pick one of five different classes, then wander out into the world to smash monsters in the face. There’s a lot of world to wander and an awful lot of monsters to smash. This is a game that’s going to keep you busy for ages.

The game is super polished, as you’d expect from Netmarble. You can join guilds to team up with other players and earn more loot, or go it alone if that’s the kind of rebel that you are.

Click here and you can download A3: Still Alive from the Google Play Store right now. It’s free to play, and there’s a whole load to do without even thinking about spending any money.

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