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This is The Police is Better Than Half Price Right Now

This is The Police is a game that sees you taking over the role of the chief of Freeburg’s police department. You’ve got 180 days to secure a retirement fund, and it’s up to you how you go about it. And if you’re saving for your own retirement fund, you can save yourself some cash on the game, since it’s currently better than half price on the Google Play Store.

There are investigations to solve, bad guys to catch and plenty of decisions to be made. The city is made up of competing factions, from the criminals to the corrupt mayor. Each side has its own agenda, and it’s up to you to pick your way through.

There’s a rich story here, and some decent voice acting pushing it all along. The choices you make alter the city, and ultimately your own fate. Will you make your money, or end up broke? Will you make it to retirement or come to a sticky end?

Right now you can pick up the game for just $3.49. That’s down from its normal price of $7.99, which looks to us to be a pretty good deal. Click here and you can download This is The Police from the Google Play Store right this second.

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