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Interactive Thriller The Complex is Coming to Android Next Month

The Complex, the interactive thriller from Wales Interactive, Good Gate Media, and Little Jade Productions, is coming to Android on the 3rd of December.

Already available on PC and consoles, The Complex is a narrative FMV game set in the aftermath of a biological weapon attack in London. It sees main character Dr Amy Tenant locked in a secure laboratory with (SPOILER ALERT) a perilous secret.

Throughout the game you’ll make choices that affect your relationships with various different characters, resulting in eight possible conclusions to the story, Telltale-style. At the end of each playthrough you’ll get a personality score, which could be a downer depending on how together you are as a person.

The Complex has been praised for its solid performances and well-written dialogue. It was written by Lynn Renee Maxcy, a member of the Handmaid’s Tale writing team, and it features Kate Dickie, who appeared in Game of Thrones.

It’s strictly for grown-ups, though, with content that’s “not appropriate for all ages”. That won’t stop you though, will it? If anything it’ll spur you on.

You’ll be able to download The Complex on the Google Play Store from the 3rd of December, for a price that’s to be determined. It costs $12.99 on Steam, so it’ll probably come in somewhere under that.

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