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Thumper: Pocket Edition is Just 99c Right Now on Android

Thumper Android

Thumper: Pocket Edition, the mobile port of the acclaimed “rhythm-violence” game from developer Drool, is just 99c on the Google Play Store.

It normally costs $4.99, and the last time we covered a sale it was reduced to $1.99. so it’s a steal at this price.

Originally released on PC in 2016, Thumper is a stylish and atmospheric rhythm-action game in which you have to guide a shiny beetle through a series of hypnotic neon space-scapes.

There’s a bit of steering and obstacle-avoidance, but also some rhythm-action as you tap along to background notes.

There are nine levels, all culminating in huge boss battles with creepy psychedelic monsters.

Thumper: Pocket Edition is an admirably fast, weird, and challenging arcade game, and you can download it for practically nothing right now.

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