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Gorgeous Indie Game The First Tree is Out Now on Mobile

The First Tree, David Wehle’s acclaimed indie game about a vixen searching for her family in the freezing wilderness, has come to mobile. It’s already available on iOS, with the Android version likely to drop any minute now.

Released on PC in 2017, The First Tree is mildly reminiscent of the badger-based Shelter, though it pointedly doesn’t attempt to simulate the experience of being a wild animal.

Instead, the fox storyline is a sort of allegory of a son’s attempt to reconnect with his father in Alaska. As such, The First Tree isn’t a demanding game in terms of gameplay challenge. It has no enemies, and only “light” puzzle solving.

It’s not very long, either, clocking in at around two hours. But that won’t bother you if you’re the sort of open-minded, sophisticated player who enjoys thought-provoking, deep, narratively adventurous games like What Remains of Edith Finch and Gone Home.

The First Tree has a page on the Google Play Store, but you can’t download it just yet. When the game goes live it’ll likely cost $4.99.

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