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Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Shambles Menacingly onto the Google Play Store

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, the surprising puzzle game collaboration between Headup Games and TV network AMC, has arrived on the Google Play Store right on time.

It marks the second franchise mashup for the Bridge Constructor series, after Headup had the visionary idea of incorporating Valve’s Portal into its engineering-based gameplay.

The Walking Dead is a less obvious bedfellow for the franchise, but it looks like the developers have pulled it off. The gameplay sees you building structures to hold the hordes at bay, affect daring escapes, and straight up kill walkers.

Fav-favorite characters like Darly, Michonne, and Eugene all make an appearance, too, and there are various novel features like moveable objects with which to fashion traps and weapons.

It looks pretty good. You can download Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead on the Google Play Store right now for $4.99.

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