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Illusion Connect’s Tourney Event Features Special Items, New Partners, and More

Illusion Connect, Superprism’s gorgeous shojo RPG, is getting its first big event just a few short weeks after it landed on Google Play and the App Store globally. 

This event takes the form of a Tourney, and it kicks off on the 21st of November. Throughout the Tourney you’ll be able to enter time-limited dungeons for Martial Tea, which you’ll then be able to redeem at the event shop for special items. 

On top of that there’s a Contest of Strength mode, which will involve cheering on your favorite partners and guilds in battle for special reward items.

This Tourney event, set in the game’s Bloomsea City, welcomes two new partners to the fold: Ming and Brooke. 

Ming is a humanitarian and a “self-trained doctor”. For many of you, the phrase “self-trainer doctor” will set off alarm bells, but you’ve got nothing to fear from Ming – unless you’re one of her enemies, of course.

Those hapless NPCs who find themselves standing opposite Ming on the battlefield are likely to die in one of two ways: either by being whacked with her medical box, or by being attacked by her trusty ferret, Yam. 

Partners, meanwhile, will benefit from Ming’s medical expertise, since she can also use her medical box to heal.

Ming is the exclusive physician for the Huahua family, and she’s joined by Brooke, a graceful lady who was raised by the Old Man of the Sea into a devout and austere Huahua family retainer.

Brooke carries herself like a peace-loving soul, but she can throw down when required. Her weapon is a long axe so sharp that it can cleave metal like butter, all the while jingling with the voice of a crane. 

Healing Brooke gives her a chance of immediately unloading her ultimate skill, fatally wounding her enemies. 

To take part in Illusion Connect’s Tourney event, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store to download it right now. 

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