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Machinarium and Samarost 3 Are 99c Each Right Now on Android

Machinarium Android

Machinarium and Samarost 3, the ethereal adventure games from Amanita Design, and both 99c right now on the Google Play Store, down from $4.99.

Samarost 3, released in 2016, is the second sequel to Amanita Design’s breakthrough game. It’s a bizarre adventure starring a gnome with a magical flute, and it’s inspired by the work of a number of Czech animators.

Machinarium, meanwhile, is probably Amanita’s most well-known title. It sees you helping a robot navigate an inhospitable, rusty world in search of his paramour, who is also a robot, as are all the characters in the game.

If you’re a fan of point-and-click adventures, chances are you’ve already played these two masterpieces. But if you’ve somehow neglected to pick them up thus far, this is your moment to strike.

Two bucks for two of the finest examples of point-and-click adventure game design is outrageously cheap.

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