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Disgaea RPG’s Android Closed Beta Begins in Select Territories Tomorrow

The global released of Disgaea RPG is getting a closed beta in a few territories from tomorrow (January the 3rd). Specifically, it’s coming to Canada, Australia, Brazil, and the Philippines.

Already available in Japan, Disgaea RPG sees various protagonists from the series – like Lahari, Fionne, Etna. Adell, and Valvatorez – reuniting for a new adventure “filled with laughter and tears”.

It features original stories and music, plus a campaign set in the Netherworld, where moral compasses are inevitably borked. It looks like there’s a Netherworld History feature, allowing fans to relive favorite plotlines from earlier games in the series.

Also promised are “over-the-top battle systems”. The combat is turn-based, and features amusing moves like team attack, tower, and throw, which are purportedly both “strategical” and “hilarious”.

Disgaea RPG is being brought to global Google Play Stores by Boltrend Games, whose credits include a handful of other moderately popular anime RPGs.

If you happen to live in Canada, Australia, Brazil, or the Philippines (or you have a clever workaround) you can try out the global version of Disgaea RPG tomorrow. Otherwise you’ll have to wait a while longer.

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