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Magic: The Gathering Arena Mobile Is Coming to Android Later This Month with Cross-Platform Support

Wizards of the Coast, the team behind the universally acclaimed card-battler Magic: The Gathering, has revealed that a mobile version of Magic: The Gathering Arena will arrive later this month in early access.

Due to land on January the 28th, Magic: The Gathering Arena Mobile sees you building a deck of cards and then using them to summon creatures, cast spells, and otherwise inflict magical carnage on your human opponents.

Magic: The Gathering Arena originally came out on PC in 2018, earning solid reviews thanks to its generous free-to-play model, slick interface, and faithful Magic: The Gathering gameplay.

The mobile version is set to feature all of the content from the PC version, along with the forthcoming Kaldheim expansion, which brings Vikings into the fray. Uh oh.

You should be able to play Magic: The Gathering Arena Mobile from January the 28th. The proper, non-early access version will be out later this year.

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