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Magic: The Gathering Arena Is Out Now on Android in Early Access

A few weeks ago we reported that Magic: The Gathering Arena, the acclaimed digital take on the Magic: The Gathering card-battler format, would be available in early access on January the 28th.

Well guess what. It is. Originally released on PC, Magic: The Gathering Arena sees you building a deck and battling with other players. You’ll summon creatures, cast spells, and generally wreak unimaginable havoc by placing cards in front of a human opponent.

Developer Wizards of the Coast makes a point of how accessible Magic: The Gathering Arena is in the Google Play Store blurb, pointing to its single player tutorial where you can practise at your own pace away from danger.

There are 15 decks to unlock and experiment with, along with daily rewards to collect, multiple modes to play, and events to participate in.

You can download the Early Access version of Magic: The Gathering Arena for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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