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Battlepalooza Is a Colorful Battle Royale Set in Real Cities, Out Now on Android

Battlepalooza, from developer nWay, has just landed on the Google Play Store. It’s a colorful, cartoonish battle royale from a top-down perspective, and its action takes place in real cities.

Based on a fictional game show a la Running Man, Battlepalooza sees you competing in real time against up to 23 other players, collecting coins on the battlefield and trying to avoid being murdered. It’s an accessible take on the genre, aimed at all skill levels.

Interestingly, nWay has used Google Maps data to create the game’s arenas, with Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Paris among the locations on offer. Different cities offer different prizes.

You can earn coins and gear throughout every round, but if you manage to be the last player standing you’ll earn valuable premium coins to spend on exclusive gear and skins.

Early reviews on the Google Play Store are somewhat mixed, with players praising the look and central concept of the game while complaining about a range of technical issues, from lag to crashes.

You can download Battlepalooza for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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