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All the Details on the World of Tanks Blitz Lunar New Year Event

Do you like tanks? Do you like getting stuff? Then you’re going to love the World of Tanks Blitz Lunar New Year event, because it’s packed full of tanks and stuff that you can get. Wowzers.

The event, which runs until February 19th, will see you receiving red envelopes for victories. These can then be traded in for all sorts of special, time-limited goodies.

There’s a new tank skin, load of currency and a whole bunch more. You can check out all of the details on the event in the trailer we’ve embedded below. And don’t tell us you’re not hankering for that styling new camo.

This weekend there’s going to be even more going on in the Lunar Weekend celebration. There are discounts, there are deals and there’s extra XP to be won. You can check out everything that’s on offer at the WoT Blitz blog right here.

If you haven’t played World of Tanks Blitz yet, well, you may as well start now, right? You can download the game from the Play Store by clicking on this handily placed link.

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