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Join the Mandalorian Order in Star Wars: Hunter, Zynga’s Upcoming Squad-based Shooter for Switch and Mobile

Zynga has revealed during the latest Nintendo Direct that it’s working on its first console game. Star Wars: Hunter is a squad-based shooter, coming to Switch and mobile, that lets you play as a variety of different Star Wars characters.

The trailer below doesn’t give much away, but the characters on display include a Storm Trooper, a Wookie, and a Mandalorian.

Star Wars: Hunter is set after the fall of the Empire – i.e., after the events of Return of the Jedi, making it roughly contemporary with the Mandalorian Disney+ series.

You’ll be able to play as a variety of different Star Wars characters from both sides of the force, and Lucasfilm Games promises, “a look and feel that is different from anything we have done before”.

Star Wars: Hunters will be available for free on the Google Play Store later this year.

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