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Roguelike Adventure PixelJunk Raiders Will Arrive Exclusively on Stadia Next Week

PixelJunk Raiders, a roguelike adventure game in the long-running PixelJunk franchise, is coming to Stadia next week.

And it’s coming to Stadia before any other platform, representing a minor coup for the platform that recently lost out on a port of Terraria and closed its own first-party studio earlier this month.

The game sees you exploring a hostile environment and killing aliens. It boasts procedurally generated terrain and various populated areas and geological features. It looks pretty slick, like a sci-fi Breath of the Wild – a far cry from the stylish but simplistic early PixelJunk games.

PixelJunk Raiders will come with Stadia’s State Share feature, allowing you to share bits of missions with other players. Your turrets, traps, and gadgets will appear in their worlds, too.

You’ll be able to pick up PixelJunk Raiders for $19.99, though it’ll be free to anyone with a Stadia Pro subscriptions. It should turn up next Monday, the 1st of March.

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