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Huntdown, the Acclaimed ’80s-inspired Arcade Shooter, Is Coming to Android

Coffee Stain Publishing and Easy Trigger Games have jointly announced that Huntdown, the acclaimed pixel-art arcade shooter, is coming to Android this year.

In case you’ve never heard of it, Huntdown is a superb action game with a lackluster name. Modelled on arcade games like Rolling Thunder, Robocop, and Contra, it sees you charging around in a 2D, dystopian, ’80s-inspired world shooting people right in their faces.

A more contemporary comparison would be Cuphead. While it looks a bit like Contra, Huntdown is infinitely more sophisticated.

While Huntdown came to PC and consoles first, it was originally designed as a mobile game according to the press release, which is an encouraging sign. The mobile version of Huntdown will come with customised controls, and also support for physical controllers.

We’re not sure exactly when Huntdown will arrive, other than “this year”, but we know that it’ll be free to play, with an IAP to unlock the full experience.

Stay tuned for more info.

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