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The Latest Call of Duty Mobile Update Adds Charly from Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Mobile has just received its first major update of 2021.

The update adds two new maps, a new battle pass, and Charly from Modern Warfare, who appears as an operator in all of the game’s modes.

The new maps, meanwhile, are Shoot House and Shipment. The former, like Charly, originated in the 2019 remake of Modern Warfare. It’s set in a military training ground, and sees players getting up close and personal, killing-wise.

Shipment, meanwhile, originated in the original Modern Warfare. It’s set among shipping containers, and sees players getting even more up close and personal, killing-wise, than Shoot House.

There are also a couple of new modes, including Tank Battle, which involves collecting tank components, and a sniper-themed version of Gunfight, available on Cage, Shipment, Pine, King, and other maps.

You can download Call of Duty Mobile for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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