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Brixity Is the Game Formerly Known as Project Mars, Coming Later This Year to Android

Devsisters, the developer behind the enormously popular Cookie Run: Kingdom, has revealed that its forthcoming city builder will be called Brixity.

In case you’re wondering: Brixity is the game formerly known as Project Mars. We’re not convinced that it’s an improvement.

The studio also released some new details on Brixity. The setup is that the human race fled to Mars 500 years ago due to pestilence, war, and all the usual suspects, but never managed to make the red planet feel like home because of how deadly it is. The humans want to come home.

That’s where you come in. Your goal will be to clean up the toxic detritus of failed civilisations and build cities on Earth so that humans can re-establish a colony on their home planet.

Brixity will be highly accessible, and highly social, with players able to quickly throw up a city and invite fellow players to come look around using a dynamic first-person camera. It’ll be possible to view other players’ cities as nodes on a world map.

It looks like a fun, colorful city-builder. We hope Devsisters has another go at coming up with a name, though, because Brixity sounds like Brexit.

More news as we get it.

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