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Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee Launches on Android with a 30% Discount

Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee, the Android version of the acclaimed PC and iOS tower defense roguelike, has arrived on the Google Play Store at a discounted launch price of $4.99.

The discount will run until March the 23rd, after which the game will cost $7.99.

Released on PC in 2014, Dungeon of the Endless is an innovative strategy game that sees you trying to successfully shepherd a crew of spaceship crash survivors to safety through several dungeon-like floors.

These survivors are carrying a crystal with them. You need to protect this at all costs, and as you make your way through the game the crystal grows more powerful, giving you access to new skills and abilities.

The Apogee version of Dungeon of the Endless comes with five DLC add-ons that have been released for the game over the last six years: Deep Freeze, Death Gamble, Rescue Team, Organic Matters, and Bookworm.

It also gives you access to Ayairi Whairyadd, the popular pug character, right from the get go. In other words, Apogee is unquestionably the definitive version of Dungeon of the Endless.

Download it at a discounted price right now on the Google Play Store.

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