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The Acclaimed Dead Cells Bad Seed DLC Is Coming to Mobile on March 30th, New Trailer Released

Dead Cells Android

Playdigious has revealed that the mobile version of Dead Cells will get the highly acclaimed Bad Seed DLC on March the 30th.

Available for over a year on other platforms, the Bad Seed DLC radically updates the Dead Cells gameplay experience by offering players an alternative route that avoids the sewers and the ramparts. It also adds the Dilapidated Arboretum and the Morass of the Banished.

That’s not all. There are new monsters to kill, new locals to meet, new weapons to play with, and a new boss called Mama Tick.

In addition, Playdigious claims that Custom Run is under consideration for future updates.

To celebrate the imminent launch, Playdigious has released a trailer for the mobile Bad Seed DLC. It’s above. You’ve probably already watched it. And Playdigious has another matter to celebrate: Dead Cells has hit 5 million sales, after reaching a million players in its first few days on sale in China.

You can download Dead Cells right now for $8.99 on the Google Play Store. The Bad Seed DLC will set you back $3.99. It’s worth it.

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