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Play Together is a Charming Sandbox Game That’s Out Now

Who doesn’t like playing together? Playing on your own is pretty sinister and creepy. Which is why we’re pretty excited that Play Together is out now on the Play Store after a successful soft launch in the EU and southeast Asia.

The game sees you striding out onto Kaia Island and having fun. You can play mini-games, go camping, hang out with new friends and have pretty sick looking dance parties. Remember those?

Everything is presented in a cutesy cartoon art-style that’s going to put a big dumb grin on your face. And those are the best kind of grins to put on your face. Better than creepy, sinister grins that’s for sure.

As you might imagine there’s loads of customization here, both in terms of making your character and house look cool and individual. And then you can have a run around and shout things at people. Which is just lovely.

In fact, all of Play Together just looks lovely. What a lovely word that is. Everything is lovely. Lovely lovely lovely. Wouldn’t it be great if the real world was lovely too?

Play Together is available from the Play Store right now and you can grab it for free by clicking here. That’d be just lovely.

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