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Illusion Connect Braces for an Undead Invasion with Zombie Land Saga Crossover

Illusion Connect, the hit real-time strategy game from Superprism Technology, has launched a crossover event with popular anime series Zombie Land Saga. 

In the fairly likely event that you haven’t come across Zombie Land Saga yet, it tells the story of a group of girls from throughout Japanese history who have been resurrected as zombies in order to form an undead idol group called Fran Chou Chou. 

It’s a bizarre but compelling setup, setting the scene for some unique teenage angst-infused plotlines involving the historically diverse idol group members and their unpredictable producer Kotaru Tatsumi.

Zombie Land Saga is a cult hit in Japan, spawning a spin-off manga and even a couple of singles.

The second season of Zombie Land Saga aired on April the 8th, with the Illusion Connect crossover launching today. It see three of the show’s characters appearing as Radiants in the Illusion Connect roster: Zombie No. 1 Sakura Minamoto, Zombie No. 3 Ai Mizuno, and Zombie No. 4 Junko Konno. 

Zombie No. 1 Sakura Minamoto is the main protagonist of Zombie Land Saga, and the first character to be introduced in the show. She wakes up in a zombie-filled mansion ten years after being killed by a truck on her way to an idol audition. 

Ai is a rebellious member of Fran Chou Chou who doesn’t take any of Kotaru Tatsumi’s nonsense, and so is Zombie No. 4 Junko Konno. Both were members of idol bands while they were alive, though from different eras. Zombie No. 3 Ai Mizuno died when she was struck by lightning, and Zombie No. 4 Junko Konno died in a plane crash. 

Each of these guest stars has her own special skills in battle, and together they can remain on the battlefield after death. They can also invite Saga allies for support. 

To celebrate the crossover, Superprism Technology is posting a special Dream Show on its YouTube channel – which you can find below.

In the meantime, you can download Illusion Connect for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store

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