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Sixit Is an Intriguing Narrative Puzzler that’s Coming to Android this Month

Sixit, from developer Star Garden Games, is an intriguing narrative puzzler, and it’s coming to the Google Play Store later this month. On the 28th, to be precise.

We’re not entirely sure how the gameplay works, but it involves using up six actions per run to solve puzzles, explore, and “save your friends from the Great Storm”. The aim is to use your actions in the right order. It sounds a bit like board game Colt Express.

Storywise, you’re playing as Pep, a nondescript mammal and a newcomer to the village. A sentient storm appears, posing an existential threat to the villagers, and for some reason you’re in the hotseat.

There are friends to make, trophies to collect, and a village to save. We have no idea what any of that entails, but it looks pretty good.

Sixit has solid visuals, and Star Garden’s previous Android game – Binary Dash – has a couple of awards and a 4.8/5 rating on the Google Play Store. So we think it’ll be worth giving Sixit a shot when it arrives in nine days’ time.

It’ll be free to download, with an IAP to remove the ads, and you can grab the Early Access version on the Google Play Store right now.

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