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Shining Nikki Is a Dressing-Up RPG with Styling Battles, Hand-Drawn Fabrics, and More

Games are getting better and better at reflecting all of the stuff that people like to do, and one thing that a whole lot of people like to do is dress up. 

The Nikki series is one of the best examples of this budding genre, with 100 million downloads to its name. That’s why we’re so stoked to reveal that developer Papergames has just announced a sequel. 

Shining Nikki will be the fourth in the saga, and the biggest entry yet. It promises about a thousand different materials, as well as several thousand unique outfits, all stuffed into an exciting story campaign that sees you exploring Miraland and trying to avert a catastrophe.

For each outfit you add to your collection you’ll learn a little bit more about Nikki’s past, gradually filling in the story of your heroine and her home kingdom through the medium of clothes. 

Don’t worry – there’s some challenging gameplay in the form of fashion battles. These are themed, and you’ll be tasked with making the right sartorial choices based on what you’ve been told. You’ll need a quick wit and a good eye for detail. 

As you can tell, Shining Nikki is not your average RPG. Instead, it’s a highly inventive and totally positive spin on the genre that lets you celebrate your love of all things fashion. 

It looks great, too. All of the outfits are hand-drawn and brought to life with a powerful physics engine, dynamic lighting and shadows, and a staggering 80,000 polycount – which is like the technological equivalent of a threadcount. 

We can’t tell you exactly when Shining Nikki will be out, because we don’t know. But we can reveal that it’s coming “very soon”, and that pre-registrations will be available even sooner. 

For more information, keep your eyes on the official Shining Nikki website and Facebook page. 

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