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Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo Is a Jurassic Park-Inspired Management Game, Out Now on Android

Developer Upjers has just gotten in touch to let us know that Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo, the studio’s cartoonish tribute to Jurassic Park, is out now on Android.

Eagle-eyed – or pterodactyl-eyed – readers will be aware that we already announced the arrival of Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo all the way back in February. That must have been the soft-launch version. Now, Upjers has, “swept up the bugs, tidied up enclosures,” and made the game ready for new visitors. Hooray.

Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo sees you, along with your suspiciously Richard Attenborough-like companion – building a running a dinosaur theme park. You know, like the one in Jurassic Park.

You’ll decorate enclosures, breed various species of terrible lizards, supply your animals with food and play equipment, and more – all in a bid to create the most enjoyable paleontological attraction in the world.

You can download Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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