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Rip Them Off Is a 50s-Inspired TD Game from the Developer of Swim Out, Coming to Android Next Month

Lozange Lab, the studio behind the innovative puzzle game Swim Out, has just revealed that its next game will be out on May the 11th. It’s called Rip Them Off, and its a 50s-inspired tower defense title.

The game casts you as the newest member of the sales team at an anonymous subsidiary of an anonymous company. The blurb is steeped in Human Resource Machine-esque corporate satire, and a generous helping on cynical humor.

Gameplay-wise, Rip Them Off tasks you with creating an “inescapable maze of retail opportunities”, forcing an endless stream of consumers to visit your shops and empty their pockets.

First, of course, you need to build shops for your customers to visit, and success relies on optimal placement and budget management, among other things.

Rip Them Off looks good, with a simple but effect art deco aesthetic, and and the game has already won a brace of awards and honorable mentions. Therefore, you should pre-register for it right now.

Rip Them Off will be available May the 11th for $3.99.

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