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Sixit Is an Inventive Narrative Puzzler that Gives You Six Actions Per Turn, Out Now on Android

Sixit, the clever little narrative puzzler we told you about a couple of weeks ago, has just landed on the Google Play Store.

The game, which is developed by Star Garden Games, sees you taking turns consisting of six actions. The aim is to solve what you can with those moves, as efficiently as possible, before restarting. Fortunately, when you restart you hold on to the abilities you’ve gained, and the puzzles you solved stay solved.

Story-wise, you’re playing as a nondescript mammal called Pep who arrives in a new village just in time to become embroiled in a war against a sentient storm. Bad luck, Pep.

Along the way you’ll meet a colorful cast of characters, laugh at their amusing remarks, collect six hidden trophies, and eventually uncover the secret of the storm.

Sixit is a free game, with an IAP to remove the ads. You can download it right now on the Google Play Store.

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