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Frostpunk Is Coming to Mobile this Year with New New Features

11 bit studios, the developer behind This War of Mine, has announced that it will release a mobile version of the excellent Frostpunk later this year.

Published by NetEase, Frostpunk Mobile is a city-building survival game set in the late 19th century. It sees you playing as the leader of a band of survivors during a volcanic winter, like the one that occurred following the eruption of Krakatoa, but colder.

You’ll need to send team members out to harvest materials and resources, create a coal-powered steam engine, and build up your settlement by adding and optimising buildings.

All the while you’re buffeted by the weather and the political forces that it stirs up. Not only do you have to keep everybody safe, fed, and warm, but you need to keep them happy, too, by designing equitable laws, cultivating religion, and making consequential decisions.

Frostpunk is a highly acclaimed strategy game, and it’s coming to mobile this year. Rejoice!

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