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Fate of Kai Is an Award-Winning Puzzler Inspired by Gorogoa, Out Now on Android

Fate of Kai, the multiple award-winning cartoon puzzler from Trylight Game Studio, is out now on the Google Play Store.

Purportedly inspired by Gorogoa, Fate of Kai sees you exploring the backstory of the title character by walking through a series of comic panels. It boasts an innovative game mechanic in which you steer the events of the story by determining what appears in the thought bubbles that appear throughout the narrative.

There are 160 pages of content in Fate of Kai, and 700 unique panels. And none of these panels or pages is taken up by a tutorial. Fate of Kai has a “natural” learning curve, meaning you learn through playing rather than reading or following instructions.

Among the many awards that Fate of Kai has scooped are the 2019 Humble Bundle EVA Award, the 2019 EVA Press Award, and Best Game Award at the 2019 Awesome Game Awards. Whatever they are.

You can download Fate of Kai right now on the Google Play Store.

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